PERHATIAN => Mohon baca & fahami Tips Berinvestasi Online

A unique marathon competition from E-Dinar Coin has been launched today! Within the framework of the marathon new participants will learn to work with the system and are guaranteed to receive E-Dinar Coins in the amount of 20 up to 500 units in their accounts!

The competition will last for four weeks. Every week, on Monday, a new task will be published on the website, which contestants must complete. The successful completion of the task will be rewarded and the funds in the amount of from 5 to 10 EDC will be transferred to the winner’s account!

If you have not yet registered on the website, it’s time to do it! Complete the first task and go to the next level right now! You’ve got 5 days to perform the first task (no secret, it’s very easy), then within two days, we will summarize the results. We will credit rewarded EDC in the accounts of those who have faithfully coped the task. As a next step, in a week, a new task will be issued and the second stage of the competition will start!

Take action! Register in the system right now, and if you cannot figure out something, please contact our support team at!

Three winners will be selected and anounced in a month, after the four completed tasks have been done. The lucky ones will be doubled with E-Dinar Coins!

Register online!

And if you’re an experienced participant invite your friends and acquaintances!

E-Dinar Coin Marathon For Novice Investors Has Started Right Now!

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