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Dear members of our community!

We have already achieved tangible results, as to date, over 1 billion EDC coins are leased to the masternode by users! Congratulations to each of you and thank you very much for your contribution and support! We are incredibly pleased that our community is growing rapidly, while with the launch of the masternode, we are observing an even greater influx of participants.

Currently, leasing coins to the masternode is fully available to all users, as well as receiving leasing interests accrued on the amount of your EDC deposit on

We would like to remind you, that our developers are still carrying out tests on the configuration of income accrued from the partner structure. Upon completion of the technical work, all referral bonuses, as well as the withdrawal of EDC to external exchanges will be available again.

Thank you for your understanding and for being with us! Let’s reach new heights together!

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1 Billion Сoins Leased! Congratulations to All the Participants of EDC Blockchain!

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