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It is known that in the near future, more precisely on March 16, 2017, E-Dinar Coin will take part in the annual blockchain conference Finance and Financial Technologies, organized by the Scientific Research Center of Financial Technologies of Shanghai – the Union of Financial Technologies.

According to the organizers, E-Dinar Coin entered the list of the top leaders of financial technology, and after the survey which took several days, it got the highest number of votes, which gives the right to assure – E-Dinar Coin is the leading cryptocurrency and takes the first place in the list of Chinese digital converter!

We must continue and keep creating! From the very first moment of the E-Dinar Coin entry on the market of the PRC, the project did not stop its contributions to science, user testing, as well as with help of numerous media within one year has become a leader in the list of China’s digital currency. E-Dinar Coin is the newest invention created on the Internet. In the new year, E-Dinar Coin has many plans and obstacles that will be overcome successfully. China, in its time, reinforced monitoring in this area, new digital currencies, and platforms appear. In 2017, E-Dinar Coin will increase it’s efforts and contributions, in order once again achieve the title of cryptocurrency and platform leader in the upcoming year!

The award is called “De Fu”. This name came from ancient China and therein has the meaning of change, a significant advantage over the past. Therefore, the company “China Finance” embodied this name to the award, which is given to the organization or person who has achieved the highest success in this field, making it something new and unrivaled.

We hope that people will welcome E-Dinar Coin even more dearly in the New Year, and flames of success would burn brighter and never wane! E-Dinar Coin brings into this world new blockchain and financial technologies that will give a great impact to the development of the global financial structure, and will give the residents of the planet a new comfortable, happy, rich life!

E-Dinar Coin Wins The Largest Number Of Votes And Officially Received The Title Of The Best CryptoCurrency In 2016!

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