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The success of the sharing economy has already been proven, therefore, many centralized marketplaces got involved in it. Blockchain and decentralization just help markets reach a new level.

The global EDC Blockchain platform, together with Ecrofund, intends to launch the marketplace based on the blockchain for the entire community of the company.
To date, over 1 million people use EDC cryptocurrency worldwide. China, Indonesia, Turkey, and Latin America are among those countries whose citizens participate in the EDC Blockchain community.

EDC Blockchain and Ecrofund’s Marketplace will be a multi-user online trading system based on blockchain technology using smart contracts. Among its advantages there will be the following:

– Opportunity to safely sell and buy any goods and services;
– Various methods of payment and delivery of goods worldwide;
– Transparent tracking, payment confirmation, as well as shipment and delivery of goods through the introduction of smart contracts;
– Convenient admin panel for managing goods and orders;
– The rating system and reviews;
– Document circulation based on the blockchain;
– Opportunity to set the cost of goods and services using the platform tokens.

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EDC Blockchain and Ecrofund Marketplace

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