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Dear members of the EDC Blockchain community!

As we reported earlier, the developers of our platform have successfully begun the process of transition to new mining using the LPoS consensus algorithm (Leased Proof Of Stake). Due to this, on March 22nd, 2019, the existing mining based on the DPoS algorithm is stopped. Upon completion of the technical work, the new LPoS-based mining will be launched, therefore, users will be able to start leasing their coins to the masternode in order to gain profit.

We would like to assure you that user funds will be completely safe. Thus, matured coins will be available after the end of the maturing time.

The EDC Blockchain team makes sure that the introduction of a new consensus algorithm will enhance the platform’s uptime, as it provides profit generated on the basis of mining activities without carrying out mining itself. As part of the LPoS algorithm, users will be able to rent their coins to masternodes, which distribute part of the profits to users. At the same time, under the conditions of a new mining scheme, not only the EDC price increases but also the value of cryptocurrency grows.

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EDC Blockchain Switches to a New LPoS Mining Algorithm

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