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EDC Blockchain Technology has purchased software in the framework of venture investment which is one of the largest deals on the current crypto market, as well as great news for the project.

A group of venture investors from different countries, including representatives of the Swiss bank, joined the project. There should be no public disclosure of their names and the number of investments, thus we would like to inform our users about the fact that soon, one of the main offices of EDC Blockchain Technology will be opened in Zurich, Switzerland, the world’s largest financial center.

The main reason for the acquisition is the right vector of development of the project towards the creation of products based on the platform’s blockchain, which may be applicable in the FinTech field.

The deal was finalized through the sale of project shares and coins owned by major holders.

In 2019, EDC Blockchain Technology plans to launch several products, such as a multi-currency wallet available for Android and iOS users, a marketplace for the EDC community, and much more that will ensure widespread use of the EDC coin, which will strongly strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency market and provide its owners with a new financial interest.

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EDC Blockchain Technology Becomes the Owner of EDC Software

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