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Edinarcoin Wallet to Be Updated

Dear friends! We started to work on all the announced updates, including the Edinarcoin wallet. Today, within a few hours, the new cabinet in the wallet will be updated! Please do not pay attention to temporary difficulties with the synchronization and access to your wallet. Thus, all your balances and mining will be kept.

To get access to your new Edinarcoin wallet, you need to re-login into your personal account after the updates have been implemented.

The main functions will be active in the wallet, while other will be activated very soon. Stay tuned, we will provide detailed instructions for using the wallet.

In the meantime, there is a small review of the new product for our users.

Edinarcoin team presents to you a fully updated wallet: a new convenient functionality, a large number of additional options, a convenient intuitive menu and, of course, the unique recognizable style of Edinarcoin.
In the settings, you can customize the work of the wallet. You can quickly and conveniently buy, sell, transfer and exchange your EDC in one place. Using P2P exchange, you can conduct transactions being a part of the huge and growing Edinarcoin community around the world.

The following sections were added to the wallet menu: mining and leasing. Later, when the LPoS mining starts, you can easily take part in the programs in your own wallet.
There was added a coin constructor based on the Edinarcoin blockchain allowing everyone to create their own cryptocurrency!

Now it became very convenient to observe the activity of your partners with the updated partnership menu. You can see all transactions in real time and, of course, control and make a profit thanks to the affiliate program.
Thus, the “News” section has been added to the menu; now you can follow the development of the company around the world and get the latest up-to-date information about our community.
Plus, our support operating 24/7 at your disposal, will quickly and efficiently cope with all operational tasks of users.

The updated Edinarcoin wallet has become a multifunctional, versatile tool, with a large number of additional options and an enhanced user menu.

Time does not stand still, which is why the Edinarcoin team keeps abreast of it and creates for its users the best, innovative products for making money on digital assets. Stay with us and we will step into a new era.

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Edinarcoin Wallet to Be Updated

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