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Within just three days of the operation of the first EDC Blockchain’s masternode, which holder is Ecrofund, over 800 million coins were leased to the fund by users. Congratulations to those users who were among the first to turn off their computers and to start earning on EDC mining based on the new LPoS algorithm.

The transition to a new mining algorithm is an evolutionary and very important step in the development of the project. Ecrofund has proved its viability, consolidating a large stack of EDC coins within just one day, while its users have already started to receive the first dividends!

Ecrofund is a decentralized investment community of a new generation, consisting of both the team and participants. Thanks to the platform you will have the opportunity to earn not only on EDC mining, but Ecrofund will also diversify investments in different types of business, both online and offline, to reduce risks for its investors and increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency, as well as to help all platform participants gain profit.

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The First EDC Blockchain Maternode Successfully Launched

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